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What Our Subscribers Receive?
Over 23,000 Hours - And Growing - Of Often Unforgettable Talk Radio!
You will receive direct access to the most fascinating consistently amazing talk and information program on radio. You be able to listen to the Jeff Rense Program LIVE Monday through Friday, 6-9 pm Pacific (9-Midnight Eastern) and then the immediate encore of the LIVE broadcast each night. You can listen in high quality 26k or 56k formats for Windows Media Player WinAmp (which works with iTunes or Quicktime) or Real Player.

You can also browse and listen to our unprecedented treasury of Archives whenever you choose, 24/7/365, in super high digital quality 56k MP3 format. There are now over 23,000 HOURS of often fascinating conversations between Jeff and many of the most remarkable and unforgettable people of our times. These priceless Archives are, in fact, the world's most complete library of historic audio recordings of the massive changes that have overtaken our country, our way of life and that of much of the world itself. The information is staggering and many of the great personalities of the last nearly 3 decades are there in their timeless brilliance.

To make your listening even more enjoyable we have carefully removed all of the program commercials to make for a seamless listening experience. The Archives currently go back to June of 1994 when Jeff began his unique journey in broadcast journalism after walking away from being a television news Anchor and News Director. Each evening’s LIVE broadcasts are typically added to the Archives within hours after each program. And remember - you can also take Jeff and Guests with you anywhere, anytime because our Archives are available as downloadable 56k MP3s for use with your smart phone, tablet or other portable devices.

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